Our Story

In 2016, we started our small business as Hoffelt & Hooper Co. after Sarah dealt with a severe low in her battle with anxiety and depression. During this time, Sarah discovered and fell in love with embroidery. It was part of her therapy and helped to provide a much-needed creative outlet. After a lot of dreaming and planning, we decided that she should leave her corporate job and start a custom hand embroidery business. The business has transformed over the years from a focus on stitching custom hoops into developing a line of beginner embroidery kits to teach others how to stitch. Mental health has always been at the forefront of our lives and she created the kits with the hope that embroidery would help others in their own struggles.

The passion for art didn’t end with embroidery though. Sarah discovered a love for painting in various mediums, including watercolor and acrylic. Her signature style flows through into her paintings with florals, warm colors, and soothing tones. Painting allows her to get an idea out of her head and onto paper much faster than if she was stitching it. It’s been a fun way for her to play with new ideas and express herself in a new medium.

Since the beginning, Will has been the ‘behind the scenes guy’ for the business. He has assembled embroidery kits, attended art markets, and been a huge source of support. But during and before these years Will has always talked about wanting to learn how to make pottery on a wheel. The idea of making something with his hands that can be used as an everyday object has always greatly appealed to him. He had never taken a pottery class or even made a simple clay pinch pot, but the dream was there. So, we made it happen. We invested in a pottery wheel and kiln and transformed our garage into a home pottery studio. We quickly discovered that it was a great way for the two of us to spend time creating together. Will does all of the throwing on the wheel while Sarah runs the kiln and glazes all of his pottery. It’s our happy place together and where you will find us most weekends. 

As all of these different art forms started coming together, we realized it was time to transform our embroidery business into an art and homewares business. We decided to keep the Hoffelt name in memory of Sarah’s grandparents. They were great sources of love and inspiration and this is our way to hold them close and honor their memory.

Art and making is our passion and we hope you feel it when you purchase our products. Everything is made thoughtfully with our own hands and as we pass them along we want you to have that feeling of a special piece made just for you.